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    Toll Free  1-833-333-WiFi (9434)    

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We Do Not Allow Data Abuse or Torrenting ,   So Please Keep In Mind That Average Household Usage Is Typically Between

  150 - 450 GB Per Month  and would support one Large Data Game Download up to 100 GB Per Week Max !    

  So Be Aware Of Your Time While Gaming and Your Potential Data Usage .   Over 1 Terabyte is Considered  Data Abuse  & Is Not Normal Usage !

You Must Agree to and Accept Our Terms and Conditions in There Entirety as Well as Our Websites Complete TOS,  Prior to Purchase.    

(Please Read our Complete TOS, From our Home Page's TOS Tab) 

NOTICE:   Some TV apps and services Do Not Support Cellular Broadband.  Please ask us for more details.   

 Our basic router's have a 6 month limited liability warranty and an extended 3 year limited liability warranty for repairs or replacement from the date of purchase, with a "Continuously Active Account." 

  Any damage's  that  may occur due to electric surge, water damage, improper and or unsupported ethernet equipment Etc, will not be covered under this limited warranty   


  We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone For Any Reason .









*New SIM card Instructions MOFI 4500

Power on perform a factory reset by holding the reset button in for 10 seconds,

Then power off and install your new SIM card

 Power on & enter router:  IP address   password is "admin"

once in the routers settings select  *Network then *MOFI internal modem

Scroll Down and find *Access Point Name (APN) type in "broadband" 

Scroll down *Auto MTU is Checked *Auto MSS is Checked,

Reboot Router (turn off and back on) make sure your APN did not change and is still  "broadband"

Your MOFI 4500 should now be reset to go online,  Enjoy !






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USA Rural Internet Service Provider - Get faster internet in rural areas in the USA. Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu faster! Watch and surf faster in rural areas far far faster than ever before in your home. We are your perfect ISP in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Idaho, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Mexico City International Airport.