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  Are Routers Are Unbranded and Built To Support 4G LTE Carrier's And Are Activated Exclusively By Our Service...

You May Find Similar Vendors Like Us Out There,  But Usually They Will Be Much Higher In Price ! 

  I Started This ISP Business Because Of The NEED For This Service In My Own Front Yard,  Due To My Rural Location I Was Very Limited To 

What Services and Internet Speeds I Could Expect !  Its Common Knowledge That Rural Folk  

Should Never Expect to Be Able to Cut the Cord To Direct TV or Dish Services and Be Able To Stream TV Like The City Folk !

 Instead I Would Be Forever Stuck In A Position Of Either Being Over Charged Or Having Poor Internet Service Or Most Likely  BOTH !  

I Was Pretty Sure This Was The Only Thing I Could Expect 

  until One Of the Big Company's Like Spectrum Or Cellular 5G Was Available ! 

So I Decided To Start My Own Company !

Were Now Serving Other USA Rural Residents Just Like I'm Doing Here In Lucerne Valley, CA. 

 I Can Only Speak For Myself Here But This Is By Golly The Best Darn

Internet Service I Never thought I'd Find ! 

 So Give Us A Chance and See For your Self !  " Try it & Love it ! "

  We Strive To Be Competitive In Our Pricing As Well, However You Could Compare and Expect Similar Service To Be $99 and Up !    

I Truly Believe You Won't Find A Better Rural Service,   The Bonus is Our Competitive Price !   So Are You Ready To  CUT THE CORD ? 



If you own a Amazon Firestick and want local TV Channels,  Try This App on your Firestick !  One of the Best you can find and Only $5 per Month ! 

Go Get Sapphire IPTV Here >>>    https://sapphiresecure.net/aff.php?aff=706   !  and don't forget to always Use a VPN ! 












 ***VIP  SPECIAL*** 

 Only $52/month;)









www.4gltewifi.com LLC

PO Box 303 

Lucerne Valley, CA. 92356

Toll Free !-833-333 WiFi  (9434)














USA Rural Internet Service Provider - Get faster internet in rural areas in the USA. Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu faster! Watch and surf faster in rural areas far far faster than ever before in your home. We are your perfect ISP in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Idaho, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Mexico City International Airport.