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Nelson Gil   nelsonmgil130@gmail.com
01-26-2021 1:52:24 PM CST
Great customer service, non stop support until the problem is fixed!

John P Tuttle   john.tuttle@alaska.gov
01-19-2021 1:01:26 PM CST
Hi Don! Wanted to say that I am very happy with the service. Received my router Saturday, unboxed it, plugged it in and followed the provided directions and I was up and running. I have had zero issues thus far. Download speeds are between 25-28MbPS and upload has been around 18-21. Everything is working as it should. I will keep you updated on any issues, good or bad! Highly recommend

John   john.tuttle@alaska.gov
01-12-2021 2:27:52 PM CST
Just signed up. Live in Alaska! Will I be notified once the router is shipped? Is there anything else I should know?

12-17-2020 9:37:48 PM CST
Thank You Michael !!! We Appreciate you and All Of our Wonderful Clients, in What were striving to be A Win Win Experience All The Way Around !

Michael Brown   willibro@gmail.com
12-17-2020 9:07:55 PM CST

Way out in the desert in Wonder Valley, 5 miles up a dirt road, behind a mountain that cuts off all line-of-sight towers, and yet I'm getting 30Mbps peak, 20Mbps steady as a rock! I stream HD, work from home, do video and audio conferencing, play real-time games, everything I used to do in the Big City, for less than half what I once paid Comcast. Plus helpful, friendly, courteous, easy-going and attentive customer service from the owner himself. Don and 4GLTEWIF are a godsend to all of us desert rats who still want to be part of the modern world! Give him a try.

Alma & John
12-17-2020 8:37:42 PM CST
We've had 4gltewifi now for about 2 weeks and its absolutely great. Love it! Thanks Don

Carrie   carrie32475@gmail.com
11-22-2020 12:18:28 PM CST
Have had it hooked up for a week now, very happy with speed and connectivity. Customer service is very responsive, great service!

10-18-2020 7:54:21 PM CST
We appreciate Your Business Julia !!!

10-18-2020 12:46:50 PM CST
Truly life savers! Amazing product works so great, and really has incredibly fast speed, haven’t had any connection issues easy to set up never lags. Most importantly the customer service is phenomenal, I moved to a small town for people like Don! Great experience and wonderful people.

Don C
10-09-2020 9:06:56 AM CST
Thank You For Your Posting and your Business Sir !

10-09-2020 8:57:24 AM CST

Out in the middle of nowhere, Internet options are expensive, slow, and unreliable. This service is none of those. It really works. Setting up consists of pluging it in, wait 10 seconds, and ready to go. Bandwidth (how fast it is) depends on finding the right position of the unit, adjusting the rabbit ears, and the time of day. Where I am (middle of the desert) I can't get the ridiculous speeds that others get, but who cares? If you can stream an HD movie, why do you need more? You can tell right away you are dealing with a small company. That means you aren't going to get "...push 7 if you want to waste some more time, push 8..." I've only had my unit for a week, but 4gltewifi has delivered everything promised and immediately. I'm very happy with my decision. Good product, good service, and good company. For rural living this is definitely the best way to go.

10-03-2020 3:01:02 PM CST
Thank You For Your Posting !!!

Joyce not Joyve
09-29-2020 6:26:51 PM CST

09-29-2020 6:25:15 PM CST

Very happy, works great! Customer service is excellent. Speeds up to 58 MPS for me, steady at 40 MPS. Can stream in HD. Highly recommend for those of us in rural areas. Thank you !!!

09-29-2020 9:45:05 AM CST
We absolutely love it. Works great. We can stream a few different things at one. We had a Verizon Jetpack for years. This is so much nicer. Thank you.

09-21-2020 9:36:58 PM CST
Thank You !!! Don

Don Cone
09-02-2020 12:35:12 AM CST
Thank You Monique ! 4G

Monique Gonzales
09-01-2020 5:12:53 PM CST
I absolutely love my internet service. When I tried to get offgrid internet noone could help me till. 4glte wireless. Save my business and my kids school. Trust me you want to get this service and They know the true meaning of customer service Thx!

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