Supporting Developmental Deployment and Growth in Vertical Agriculture, Water Desalination, Fish Farming, Plastic Pollution Control, and Recycling.

Feeding and Hydrating Earths People.  Technologies that can end Worldwide Hunger. 

Advocate for Better Social Psychological Health in our Public Educational Curriculum, as an attempt to counter the sickness of those who will kill randomly

and for no apparent reason.

Guns are not to blame,  It has always been a sick person doing all of these sensless killings. 

To directly address this sick social behavior we must insist upon our political leaders to immediatly impliment Learning to be Based Upon Moral Idiology

in our Mandated Public Education.

Our Politicians have long held that Parents Should Provide such Moral Learning and Development Instead.

We must insist they immediatly remove MODERN LEARNING text books from our mandated educational curriculum.

"Learning", or to learn,  should never be subject to a manipulation, or management, of any kind ! 

To teach modern learning allows for intentional misrepresentation of crucial history and the distortion of factual events ! 

Learning should never be allowed to be Antiquated, Modernized or manipulated in any way what so ever,  EVER !  

Our Children our Subjected to Modern Learning daily in public schools, when such a thing may easily be considered as a Brainwashing Technique !  

We must insist our politicians stop avoiding these facts and truths !  

A Mandate For our Teachers and Professors to Teach From Virtues and Principals that are crucially beneficial to our Social psychological developmental behavior. 

Inspiring Good from Bad, Right from Wrong, Love not Hate, Peace instead of War.

eg. To teach it's wrong to tease or bully others,  and Promote Unity, Kindness, Freindship, Compassion, Empathy and Charity.

We must advocate especially to our children that having a healthy social ideolgy is attractive !

   Blaming Guns will Never Solve Our Problems !  


(On a personal note, when I enrolled in my local Community College one of the Prerequisites to aquire either a AS or AA Degree was Modern Psychology 101,

Upon attending this class for the first time,  the book started with a profound German Psycholologist from the 1800's,  I stopped reading and asked the professor What of Aristotle The Father of the Science ? He said he was Antiquated and the book didnt cover him, LOL !  I closed the book and never returned, Hence, I dont Have A college degree, but at least I was no further to be Brainwashed ! Ive studied special encyclopedias for approx 3 years where the writers and contributors were instructed to provide only Facts, No Speculation or Opinions.) 

The Truth Is Out There




Did you know that,  Wild salmon is caught in natural environments such as oceans, rivers, and lakes. But HALF of the salmon sold worldwide comes from fish farms, which use a process known as aquaculture to breed fish for human consumption.




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The Plastic Epidemic:  Despite current efforts, it is estimated that 75 to 199 million tonnes of plastic is currently found in our oceans






What percentage of the world's resources do Americans consume?

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.






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