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Steve Lac er   Stevel100@sccable.com
12-01-2021 9:03:56 PM CST
Wow. Just did a speed test and got over 100mgps! I am a former Ubifi customer and became frustrated with their “new and better” plan. Came across 4gltewifi and immediately signed up. Don was great help and I got my new SIM card within a week. I installed the card into my Mofii4500 and immediately was back to the 25mgps I was getting. With Don’s help I decided to upgrade to the 7690 and WOW I consistently get 50 to 60mgps and sometimes up to 100! Thanks Don love the new service and equipment.

Dave F
11-17-2021 4:18:36 AM CST

What great service! I am also an ex UbiFi customer and my speeds are blazing fast now! Very glad I was able to find 4gltewifi!

Bret Bitler
11-11-2021 12:29:36 PM CST
Was a Ubifi customer until their recent price increase and issues. Came across 4GLTEWifi in looking for alternative ISPs. Talked with Don and found out they offer basically the same service using AT&T but 1/2 the price. He recommended trying the new Mofi 5500-EM7690. Decided to try their service and upgrade to the Mofi 5500-EM7690. My existing setup was the Mofi 4500 with 2 external yagi antennas and a 15db amplifier. My signal strength was typically around -89dbm. Note before Ubifi changed everything, I would typically get ~25 - 30 Mbps down. Got the new Mofi 5500 and ran some speed tests with my existing setup for comparison purposes and was getting between 5.5 - 6.5 Mbps down. Connected the new Mofi 5500 and the first speed test was 74.7 Mbps down! I have since gotten as high as 93.7 Mbps down.

Walter Taylor
11-05-2021 2:23:37 PM CST
Had to find something else after ubifi issues. Glad I landed here. I first started with the sim upgrade only in my 4500 modem, ordered the recommended 5500 a few days later. I went from 142ms ping, 36mbps dl, to 70ms ping and a 75mbps dl on speedtest.net. I don't think you'll be sorry dealing with this company, they're fantastic if you ask me!

nennette wyatt   djnatasha7@gmail.com
11-04-2021 8:31:13 AM CST
what agreat service and great salesman we love this device its working great now for us sometimes it has a brain fart but otherwise it works great the guy that sold it to us is so helpful and great person

German garcia
10-28-2021 9:12:48 AM CST

I live in lucerne valley and i can say this is some fast internet i had wispreen back then and it was really slow

Richard   ricknot25@yahoo.com
10-02-2021 1:39:36 PM CST

Happy customer since June of this year. We have been getting great speeds from the Delta router but noticed on the site that there was an offer of the new MOFI 5500 router. I did some research and called Don and ordered one. I am amazed at the service that Don provides, received the router two days later. I was not disappointed and getting even better speeds. Thanks Don!

10-02-2021 12:54:45 AM CST

My mom got 200 something this morning but she didn't save it

Craig Anderson   flamytygwa@gmail.com
09-10-2021 2:51:57 PM CST
I'm in a worst case scenerio location for service, No towers pointing my way and closest tower is 10 miles out. Don didn't jerk me around, and with a full money back gaurantee advised to sign up for his business router and test it, if it will work, it can be made better, if not, send it back and get my money back. Got it, powered it up outside, it had internet, not what I would call usable, but internet. One week later and a couple yagi antennas and i'm pulling 30Mbps down and .5mbps up, You are the man Don!

08-22-2021 9:08:47 PM CST
Wacona Vandehey here from kenai AK. Thanks again for all your help . I love your internet service I have only had a few seconds of interrupted service in the five months or more sense I have signed up with you . I couldn't even happier with this company.

08-10-2021 6:08:05 PM CST

We'd just moved into a new house. We bought the commercial router and Don personally drove down the same day and delivered it to us. You'll never see service like that from one of the big telco companies!

Breanna   breannavanness0094@gmail.com
07-01-2021 4:34:30 PM CST
4gltewifi is by far the best internet service provider I've ever been through. Super affordable, and quick to answer any questions you have. I highly recommend! I'd give 10 stars if I could

06-30-2021 10:29:17 PM CST
Like your Card says, Thank You It Made my Year ....Not Day. Huachuca City AZ

Don Stromberg   alaskanbear@hotmail.com
06-27-2021 10:44:31 PM CST
This service BLOWS Away ATT and we have save Over $200 a Month in Alaska & Maryland!! VERY Great!!!

Richard   ricknot25@yahoo.com
06-18-2021 1:26:20 AM CST
As most rural folks have, I thought we had exhausted all of our options for decent internet service. We tried a couple satellite systems, jetpack and both wireless options available. They were either very slow, unreliable, expensive or very limited in data usage. Then one day recently there was a flyer in my mail box from 4GLTEWIFI.com, a new option available to our area. I called and spoke to Don, placed our order and never looked back. We are currently using the commercial router and getting consistent downloads in the 50-70 Mbps range. No more buffering on the TV. The service is truely amazing and customer service is helpful, friendly and professional. I highly recommend 4GLTEWIFI.com! Thanks again Don!

Ginger in Big Lake Alaska
06-15-2021 2:31:18 PM CST
I am so impressed with this Wi-Fi service. The fact that I don't have to be Tethered to the local phone company any more makes my day! I am not tech-savvy at all and had this up and running within a few minutes. So impressed! Router arrived in just a few days. I am definitely a happy camper!

Patrick   reevespat17@gmail.com
06-13-2021 10:45:38 AM CST
Received my 4GLTEWIFI router last Wed., plugged in the power supply and was go to go. It has exceeded my expectations! 10x faster than my previous ISP. YouTube vids load in 1080p HD instantly w/ no buffering. Problem websites (like Weather.com) load instantly. I'm a satisfied customer!

Angie   angnken87@gmail.com
06-11-2021 7:07:18 PM CST
A little background: we are currently staying in our RV fulltime in Needles, CA. Very poor wifi service in our park and from what I hear through the grapevine, poor service in the river valley in general. We have had our service for a little over a month. I am so happy to say that it is working great!! I am able to stream my Hulu, Discovery+, Disney and so on, all while working on my computer and husband looking things up on his phone. I feel like I am back in civilization! Just did my speed test and my download is 23.9 Mbps and upload is 22.5 Mbps. I was only getting that and less with Cox cable in the Phoenix area. I am one happy girl :)

06-02-2021 8:51:59 AM CST
06-01-2021 1:41:33 PM CST I live in a rural area in Shingletown ca. I have tried many internet services and could not get service .I paid 200 and up a month but could not log on. A friend sent me a number to 4gltewifi, I told them im done they begged me to call 4gltewifi. I did it was 199.00 which included 62. For the monthly service. I spoke to Don who was very helpful and walked me through everything. I live on a mountain Don said all we can do is try, so we did. Out of all the services we tried at a high cost this actually works. I am amazed. Most people that have lived here for a long time has Frontier, the service is always down and im sitting here with mine working I am so happy with everything including the customer service. Sometimes in a storm or high winds I have to reset the router. Not a big deal. I am very happy .Thanks Don!

Gina   Hanover, IL
05-20-2021 10:37:20 PM CST
Hey, Don. In the midst of spring turkey hunting season we were able to bring the box down to our primary residence. We unhooked Comcast and feel like we've been reborn! Great pic. We've had some hiccups up north. But might have been my hubby and his friend who weren't familiar with the remotes. They did get it going a couple of times. We'll be going up this weekend and checking it out again. We're so ready to refer you. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Scott   Apple Valley, CA.
05-20-2021 10:28:34 PM CST
Hey Don. So I got everything setup and working tried a few different locations but I have one major complaint! WHY DIDN'T I FIND YOU AND YOUR SERVICE A LONG TIME AGO???????? Works great. I've gone from 8 to 20 mgbts to 36 on my ethernet connected devices and 16 to 20 mgbts for the wifi stuff. Thanks so much for you and your service and it was great meeting you at the swapmeet at the store.

05-20-2021 10:03:02 PM CST
I have a family member using your service. When they came to visit us, we tried it out....our home is in a dark spot for most internet services, we've tried a lot over the years. This, however, worked really well!

05-20-2021 8:31:54 PM CST
Wow...finally get to see my 4K projector working to stream. On my 10x7 screen..this is very important as we use back screen for live background..a lot handier than green screen because you can see the background while doing the bit.. Streaming is best of all 4 trials..4K lifesize is awesome...you left all the competition in the dust.. In Hollywood one of my skills was seeing very fine focus so this picture warms my heart. Thanks Jerry Needles CA.

04-21-2021 10:28:35 AM CST
We live in Kenai Alaska and Don recommended the commercial router. We tried it and have excellent reception! The speed is very good. We’ use it for the internet and television shows and movies. We haven’t had any issues with the router and did not need anything else to get it going. We are very pleased with the service. Don also gave us excellent assistance and communication when we were deciding on whether to use this service. We would certainly recommend this company!

03-14-2021 8:48:33 PM CST
Don was great ! The first modem was good but with some concerns I had with my kids home schooling Don informed me about an upgrade. He changed it out with ZERO HESITATION. I had to pay more obviously but very well worth the cost. I am able to watch Netflix and stream io my laptop at the same time with no lag time. One of the best experiences when buying any tile of technology.

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